Insight Surveys

If you are running a small to medium-sized business or organisation, it’s likely that you spend quite a bit of time worrying about how to motivate and retain the talented employees and contractors who work for you.  Your worries are well-founded. Deloitte’s 2015 study about global human capital trends (you can find it here) confirms yet again that the competition for talent remains fierce.  This is particularly the case in the UK right now where low unemployment gives employees rather than employers the edge in determining whether to stay or to go from their current employ.

Do you know what your employees or stakeholders think of your organisation’s leadership style and work practices? Do you know which aspects of your organisational culture your key staff rate most highly in deciding to stay with you? Or which aspects of your reputation your stakeholders appreciate the most? Thousands of businesses across the UK use employee and other insight surveys to provide them with the intelligence they need to help shape HR and marketing policies and to engage, motivate and retain valuable personnel and senior stakeholders.

We do staff surveys, stakeholder surveys and other insight surveys for small and medium-sized organisations in both the private and public sectors.  We typically work with organisations who employ between 100-500 employees.  Because we are a small business ourselves, we know what it’s like to operate with tight margins.  We therefore like to keep our overheads low and our prices reasonable. Being small also means we can give our clients a more personalised and agile service than a larger agency.  We can think big and complex, however, when it comes to data if that’s what you need: we work with a team of experienced statisticians who can do advanced statistical modelling if required. We can also provide followup leadership coaching and support for action planning. We know a lot about stakeholder engagement, employee engagement, employer branding and organisational psychology, having led major insight and engagement initiatives in global FTSE 100 as well as in large and complex – and small and intriguing – public sector organisations.

If you are contemplating running an employee or other insight survey in your organisation and want help with survey design, or are considering switching from your existing survey supplier, we would be very pleased to hear from you.  Click our Consultation Request button on this page to request a free 30-minute consultation or email us on (Scroll down if you are reading this on your mobile).