Leadership Coaching

Do you often or occasionally feel unseen and unheard as a leader? Leave meetings resenting the fact that you were not given the space to air your (no doubt) insightful views? Or at getting interrupted mid-flow as you make that all-too-crucial pitch to potential investors? Not all leaders are extroverts with booming voices. Yet you could be forgiven for thinking at times that the corporate world is ranged against you if your voice happens to be a little quieter than the rest around the table.

This is not a trivial matter.  Feeling unseen and unheard over a matter of years can take its toll on your health and well-being.  Not to mention on your career prospects and on your entrepreneurial success.

You’ve probably tried to tackle this – gone on leadership courses, done webinars, read self-help books. We applaud your efforts! Yet none of these has quite nailed it for you. And why is that? It’s like trying to apply a painting by numbers approach to a beautiful work of art. It’s crude and generalised: it doesn’t fit you. 

How would it feel to be able to enter important conversations gracefully and with impact? Not to have to strain to make your voice heard? To know that when you enter a room or a meeting, people look instinctively to you for that insightful nugget or killer app, valuing what you say? And to know that you can do so in a way that is authentic to you, easy and powerful?

Pretty good, probably?

Here’s where some leadership coaching with us can help build that bridge from where you are now to the relaxed and confident leader you want to be. Our clients often report that exciting “Aha!” moment when they see themselves in their true leadership greatness for the first time. Depending on your particular needs, we offer a range of coaching programmes which will enable you to find that powerful and authentic voice within you; to develop your own personal brand and to be able to communicate with more impact in an appropriate way. To suit you and every occasion.

We’ve worked with leaders at all levels in the world of tech and in both private and public sectors. Our coaching draws upon the best coaching tools and techniques available, recognised by the International Coach Federation. We also use the very engaging Firework career coaching model and the Lumina Spark, Lumina Team, Lumina Emotion and Lumina Leader/360 psychometric tools, increasingly favoured for leadership assessment by major corporates. And are accredited to use NEO, Hogan and Myers-Briggs’ personality assessments if preferred. Additionally, we do 360 degree leadership assessments where required. Voice coaching and body posture/presence coaching can also be part of the mix if that’s right for you: we work closely with professional actors who can offer hands-on support and guidance.

We typically work with our leadership coaching clients for 6-9 sessions, spread out over a period of three to four months. For private coaching clients, we charge a sliding scale (dependent on client circumstances) starting from £110 for an hour-long session.  For corporate clients, please talk to us about our corporate rates.  If you are interested in finding out more about our leadership coaching, click the “Consultation Request” link on this page or email us on coachingtechnologyltd@gmail.com.  (Scroll down if you are reading this on your mobile). Look forward to talking soon!

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