Leadership 360s


Needing to quickly assess which of your senior leaders are ready for promotion? Or maybe you are about to restructure and need to know which of your leaders have the right people skills and mindset to step up to the next level? Alternatively, you may be sure of the technical abilities of your current leadership cohort, but not so sure about how good they are at leading people. You may also want to compare how your leaders measure up to others in your sector or geography. Or maybe you are a senior leader interested in knowing more about your own reputation and personal brand? If any of the preceding scenarios apply to you, then a leadership 360 assessment exercise could provide the valuable insight you need.

We design and deliver robust leadership 360 assessment solutions which will give you the comprehensive insight you seek together with that all-important feedback from colleagues and other stakeholders about the performance of your individual leaders. Our cutting-edge psychometric tools draw on the most recent research into the Big Five factors of personality. We are able to draw on a global norms database of more than 85,000 entries to compare your leaders with others in the same sector or geography. Additionally, we can also undertake those important one-on-one coaching feedback sessions with your leaders to take them through their assessment and maximise their learning and follow-through.

We have more than 25 years of experience of working with leaders at all levels in both large and complex – and small but intriguing – organisations. We’ve also been leaders ourselves. We’ve been designing and leading insight research programmes since 2011. Our research consultants have Masters degrees in organisational psychology and are certified CPCC leadership coaches.

If you want to find out more about how we can address your leadership assessment requirements, please email Leigh Jackson on coachingtechnologyltd@gmail.com or click the “Consultation Request” button on this page.